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Part pet memoir, part coffee table book, "You Had Me at Meow", the cat book, features compelling photographs that capture the many personalities of a former stray cat and accompany his extraordinary life story.

“He was a cat who embraced life with gusto, happy to take on whatever came his way, regardless of the risks. He caught squirrels. He chased dogs. He made new friends everywhere he went. He pooped in the snow. He was tough. He was Popeye. He was Friendly Furry and Lethal..."

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Excerpt from the book

Reader reviews:

• "Incredible storyteller and photographer"

• "Poignant. Fantastic photos"

• "I wish I could have met Simon, but through your book, feel like I knew him nonetheless"

You Had Me at Meow: A Portrait of an Extraordinary Ordinary Cat. Four White Feet Publishing, Berthoud, Colorado. 240 pages, 11"x8-1/2".  ISBN 978-0-9903091-2-3.  $24.95.
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When a stray cat showed up in Terry Eilertsen’s barn, she tried to scare it away, not wanting to add yet another cat to her household. But instead of running off, he ran toward her, and purred as he rubbed against her legs. With that simple act of trust and love, he found himself a family and began a new life. This heartwarming book tells the story of what happened next. How this friendly cat would prove to be a phenomenal hunter, survive getting hit by a car, learn how to live in the house and walk on a leash, win a hard battle against heart disease, and even have a late-life romance. And through it all, he taught her that the greatest lesson of all—really and truly—is love.